In Your Type-Face

Well it is time for another reverse engineer assignment for my visual media class.  There is a funny story behind this week’s ad that I have chosen to analyze.  My best friend delivered me a Coke the other day when I was tremendously overwhelmed.  She proceeded to tell me that her favorite moisturizer was now available at Walgreens.  I was intrigued and asked to have a little to see what was so great.  She handed me a bottle that had a very simple design on it. The font was block face, and the black and white lettering contrasted with the soft pink background.  I asked her if all the products were marketed the same way.  She proceeded to tell me that all their advertising had a 50’s theme including the same colors and font styles.  I was intrigued. I took to the internet to see what they had implemented for designs.  I found their simplicity refreshing.  I also had a hard time finding an advertisement that had contrasting fonts; however, after a little searching I found one on their UK website.

Typeface #1

This ad includes a few typefaces. Some are complementary and there are a couple that contrast. Most of Soap & Glory ads have this concordant design with block lettering which is Sans Serif and has been kerned. This font is also in all caps and some are weighted lighter than others but each is letter is equal in height. This style is very simplistic and resembles the old-fashioned minimalistic styling that was so prevalent in the 50’s.

Typeface #2

The second typeface is a script.  This particular script has connected letters and again has a feeling of simplicity but elegance. The font has gone through some kerning, but the lower case letters with hanging portions go below the baseline. This ad continues to thematically keep it simple and has used this font less than the other bolder font.


The script and sans serif font each set each other apart by contrasting beautifully together.  The bold font allows the eye to be directed to what is important in the ad, while the script softens the ad and gives a feeling of refinement.  The two fonts are very different from each other which is appealing to the eye. The sizes of the fonts are also part of this contrast.  The word GLOW is weighted with thick lettering and centered on the bottom, while the “Pinkredibly Organized” in script is direct in what is being shown.  These two fonts along with the other different sizes makes the entire ad provocative and alluring.

In conclusion I must say that I absolutely love the use of the two contrasting typefaces along with the contrasting colors of this particular product.  I find the minimalism refreshing and very retrospective.  I also have to add that the lotion called Hand Food was absolutely wonderful as well.


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