In the past I have shared the difficulty that I have had with assignments in this Visual Media class.  Maybe I overreacted.  These last two weeks were far more difficult and I believe it was more personal than what I was required to do.  However the assignment this time was to create an advertisement from scratch.  We were given an item and a demographic and told to use our imagination.  I thought no problem, I have a great imagination. I was challenged beyond what I anticipated due to an injury that I ended up with and a nasty flu that took hold of my creative flow.  I had no idea how difficult it is to use Photoshop when you are sick, but it really is.  Especially if you are a novice like me.  That said, I will share what I accomplished with a little help from my friends.

My Assigned Item and Demographic

I was given the remarkably exciting item of highlighters.  I was excited about this because I honestly love highlighters. I own about 4 separate sets.  The given demographic or target audience was to be males and females age 65 or older.  They are in the income bracket of approximately 75,000 to 85,000 dollars.

This was perfect; they want me to advertise highlighters to my parents.  So, I did the normal thing, I called them up.  They expressed why they use highlighters.  My mother uses them to help with her memory, and my father uses them during scripture study to make things stand out.  That last bit really made the wheels in my head start turning.  I had to ask myself what stands out, and I came to the conclusion that a senior with a mohawk would really stand out in a crowd.

Project Specifications

One of the obvious specifications was that it should be easy to read.  Well, if it was to be advertising something, I’d assume that to be a natural characteristic. I was told that I had to merge at least two images. I was to also have contrasting typography and use the design elements that we have been previously taught.  I was also given the two sizes to develop my ad; one was to be for a frozen tv ad 1920×1080 px, and the other was to be magazine ad size at 8.5×11 inches.

After searching the world over I found the two photos that I was going to merge.

You can also find this image in the Adobe Stock photos. I thought that I would have to purchase it but then found it on a public domain database.

The mohawk was much more difficult to find.  I was trying to find just a solid color and front facing.  The best I could do was to track down a public domain image in the AU web which took some serious digging. I found her originally on Pinterest by Robin Winters. I am not clear as to whether she took this photo herself or not but the link takes me to an page that has the photo listed as a jpeg and auto downloads. For tis reason I assumed it was public domain. unfortunately the original link is only copying the image itself and won’t end up in the text here.  So I have included the original pin that led me to the photo.


Additionally, my ad had to have a tagline and a 1-2 sentence body copy that included a call to action.  The advertisement had to be a symbolic representation, not literal.  I was also to include the company logo if there was one or create one if there wasn’t. I chose to use the Feela highlighter company.  They create a wax gel highlighter that doesn’t leak through paper.  Those are my favorite type of highlighters.

Design Analysis


Magazine Ad

I had a great deal of difficulty matching the mohawk to the man in the blue shirt; however, I chose to stick it out because he has the bald head and I don’t have to worry about matching hairlines with him. So, in order to do this I created a mask and had the mohawk placed on his head.  I chose to stick with the white background. It felt clean and with highlighters, you are usually using them on white paper.  I chose to match the text in my tagline with the hair color of the mohawk.  In order to fill up some of that white space I chose to add the design element of a line underneath highlight.  This also hints to the use of highlighters.  I believe that the call to action, to make your text stand out above the rest is a great hint as to what highlighters are meant to do.  I loved keeping the bright red as the focus of the ad. I chose to align in the Magazine ad to the highlight word. But in the TV ad I had to rethink the placement and alignment of the text.  I did keep the logo in the same place on both ads.


Overall, I am pleased the outcome.  Due to the difficulty of my health in conjunction with trying to keep my sanity while doing this project, I have to thank Katie Powell and my teacher Jenny Van Sistine for their help and critiques on my original draft. My parents found the ad hilarious and also very intriguing, and isn’t that the point of advertising.  Since they are my target audience, I will consider that a win.


Highlighting the Funky Side Of Ads

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