Creating A Coke And A Smile

Well this will be my final post for my visual media class.  We were asked to create an ad that fit within an already established ad campaign.  The assignment was to find a well-designed ad that contained a line of text and then analyze and then create a new ad that would fit in that same ad campaign while also keeping it original.  The directions specified that  the “ad look like it is from the same campaign (Design, colors, typography, layout, visuals, message, etc), and type in your text (don’t copy/paste text or other elements from from original ad).  After creating a new ad it was required that we create a series of at least six slides that were are consistent in design that maintains the same feel of the original ad.  The slides were to point out the design, layout, typography, and color designs and how I maintained that design for my own ad.


I wanted to take on Coca Cola.  They are a company that has been around for over 125 years and that is a lot of advertising.  I first considered creating ads that were in the style of Norman Rockwell, but that proved to be a lot more difficult then I was able to do in such a short time.  I then found an extension advertisement to the “Open Happiness” ad campaign.  However once I submitted that draft, I was told that the ads didn’t follow the BYU-Idaho code guidelines.  Since the original ad was a one off extension of the open happiness campaign, I had to change my entire approach. I chose to stick with Coke, because I love their ads, but I had to really spend a lot of time finding an ad that fit in the guidelines and also was something that I could duplicate with my limited skill set.  I finally found an Open Happiness ad that I felt worked.

found at

Target Audience

There are a series of about twelve similar photos that fit within this campaign targeting teens and young adults. I felt that sticking with that demographic was fun.  The campaign seems to really focus on the enthusiasm for life, friends, family, and music.

New Ad Creation

I found a picture in the public domain on Unsplash of a young woman having a cup of coffee.

Avi Richards

Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

I had to first remove the background from the woman and then I Photoshopped a Coke bottle into her hand.  That was something that I tried really hard to fix with regard to the transparency of the top of the bottle but couldn’t quite get it right so I smoothed it out as best I could and then added the other design elements.


It was required that the slides be created in InDesign and that they are 10×7.5 inches. After I worked on the original photo in Photoshop, I then took to InDesign by Adobe CC. I used the same font to describe the elements that the original ad used for the “open happiness” (which was a sans serif font).  I then found a decorative font the closely mimicked the Coco Cola font used in the logo in my transition slides to help the whole presentation feel uniform.  I also chose to use a matching red background with white lettering to keep the same color scheme.


I was admittedly frustrated that I had to change the ad from my original plan.  I laugh right now when I first though I was to create 6 new ads, which is something that I did in the very beginning of the assignment and then when I finally figured out what I was supposed to do I was actually told that I needed to change the photos I had chosen.

I will say that I found this whole process mistakes and all rewarding because it caused me to become much more comfortable using Photoshop and InDesign for this assignment.  Overall, I am very happy with the outcome.  Now, I feel like I deserve to open happiness and so I will get a Coke and smile.


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