I Couldn’t Resist

There are few moments during my college experience when I have had the chance to really ridicule my course curriculum and materials.  Usually the assignments are well written and have very few mistakes.

Today was a different story. I sat down to take my very last final of this semester.  It has been a long journey and this final exam was one of those that I have been dreading for the last couple of weeks. I began the test which consisted of multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and essay questions.  I got to the second to last question without too much exertion, and then began reading the question that was going to require an essay answer. The question began with a scenario that caused me to pause – reread – and then consider how I wanted to answer.  Should I answer the way they want me to, or should I address the problem that I see as a blatant oversight brought on by ignorance?

The scenario presented the following issue:

“A drunken driver hit Kent and Yvonne King’s son Tyler two months ago. Tyler is still in the hospital trying to recover from the effects of the violent head-on collision. Danny Drunky, the driver of the other vehicle, had a blood alcohol level of 8.9% (100 times the legal limit).  This is Danny’s third drunk driving offense and his third accident while driving under the influence. He was driving on a suspended license.”

Can you see my ethical dilemma?

My inner snarky presented itself and I answered.

“Poor Danny Drunky might have been in a terrible state at 8.9%.  That would have been forcibly given to him since no human can handle taking that amount of alcohol and not having their body completely reject it.  It almost sounds like someone was trying to kill Danny Drunky.  I think that if that is the case, this is a completely different forgiveness scenario that would require Danny to ask forgiveness from his Maker, and hopefully the rightful offenders (the one’s who killed Danny, since there is no way he survived) are brought to justice.

As a side note, someone should fix this exam question because it’s not fair to have such a comical scenario in the middle of a final exam about forgiveness.”

It may have cost me my grade, but it was so worth it.


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