What Writers Want – To Get Noticed

I know what writers want . . . they want it all.

Here’s the problem with that statement; wanting doesn’t require any effort.  You can sit back in your comfortable chair behind your computer and imagine the accolades, the raving reviews, the book signings, and the money, but it isn’t until you get out of that chair that any of those things will happen.

Just yesterday, I was talking with my husband about how some of my clients have wonderful books. They are  rebooting their launch, revising, investing, and revising some more. However, I am hoping that they realize that it will take some real effort to get noticed in the sea of writers they are part of.  I need them, and all you writers out there, to shift your mindset; go down this rabbit hole with me for a second.

Once you have published that book, you aren’t the writer anymore. Sure, you wrote the book, but now you are responsible to sell it.  Did you think that your book would sell itself? Sorry to break this to you, but it won’t. Now is the time to market your book.  You are now the publisher; sell that sucker!

If you want people to notice your book you have to actively seek those who need to read what you have written.  It’s one reader at a time, but it really is a slow and steady pace that leads to skyrocketing sales.  According to Tony Levelle at Writersstore.com, some great tools to promote your book include contributing to web forums, blogging, design a website and book trailer, and creating a media kit and book pitch.

I attended the Treasure Valley Comic-Con last summer and there was a super enthusiastic author that quite possibly had the greatest book pitch I have ever heard. Dressed as a pirate, he would suck in the passers-by with a high-seas tale in a pirately manner.  I sat across from him for two days and never got tired of hearing that same pitch. He worked hard, actively sought, and found fans.

Get creative, be proactive, and change your stars.

There are loads of additional tips and tricks to promote your book, and I would love to hear what you have done. Share what worked and didn’t for you.

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