Why You Should Appreciate Horror

I am about to write a research paper on why horror is significant.


I recently read the blog of a friend and fellow editor that recounted our meet cute.  She walked into the room, and I turned and smiled at her while motioning to a chair close by.  She found her seat and the rest is history.  She tells her readers that I informed her about one my current projects (editing 7 books for a horror writer), and that I neither looked nor seemed the type to edit horror.  She’s right, and wrong.

The Witch Yes, that’s me a few Halloweens ago.

I have always been a fan of horror, but maybe it’s a certain type of horror.  I am a fan of King and Koontz.  I am also a fan of the lesser well-known but no less amazing, Michaelbrent Collings (check out his stuff).  Each of these writers have a flair that is fun, exciting, and terrifying.

There is something I appreciate about these authors that some horror writers seem to lack and that is tact and the ability to avoid the gratuitously grotesque and raunchy.  I guess I am just not a fan of that, but as my amazingly charismatic current client will attest, I will edit it if I like you.  I just may not be the best judge of whether or not it is good; which is why I am a firm believer in beta readers.  GET ‘EM!

Now onto my paper.  I want some feedback.


I believe that horror writing has a place.  I know that we each have life experiences that are unique.  It is through our life experiences that we become . . . us. Whether some of the faithful in my circle want to admit it or not, much of our life is horrific in some way or another.  We all have fears, turmoil, and trials that we face.  Other’s agency often affects our lives in ways that call us to question whether God exists at all.  My answer is, He does; we’ll save that philosophical debate for a later date. It’s in those experiences that the artists and writers find inspiration and express them in their chosen medium.  We should all appreciate that.

When we truly appreciate each other and the perspectives we all have, we will be a more sympathetic, empathetic, and compassionate society.  We will also come to learn how to cope with our own terrors.

So, take some time to appreciate the horror writer and their art. You may not like it or read it.  I don’t read a lot of it, but I can appreciate the righteous expression by most artists to share what they have learned from their experiences or terrors.


Comment or email me.  Let me know what you think about horror.  Do you agree or disagree?  Do you think that censorship is as horrible as I do?

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