What Makes Stacey Tick?

I haven’t always been in love with the written word, but time and experience changes a person.  I have an affinity for those who create beauty in our world and no one paints a more lovely, frightening, harrowing, and adventurous picture than authors. My passion is helping those stories reach readers. You can visit my website for more information at editsbystacey.com.

I have an amazing family that includes a humble and heroic husband and three children that I wish I could lock in a tower.  They are all wonderful and make my world go round. I reside in Idaho, for now, and love the nature that surrounds me.

I have many adventures with my clients, friends, and family; my writings include the humor that I see in those experiences, thoughts, and general musings.

I am always interested in other perspectives and what people have to share. So let’s have a conversation.